What is paragraph?

A paragraph is a group of related sentences. These sentences are grouped together in a paragraph to discuss one main subject. 

There are three parts in a paragraph.

1)            Topic sentence

2)            Body sentences

3)            Concluding sentence

Topic sentences:  Generally a paragraph starts with the topic sentences. This sentence tells an overall idea which is discussed later in the paragraph.  After the beginning sentence, the second and third sentences are called supporting sentences.  They are called supporting sentences because these sentences support or explain the idea described in the topic sentence.

The body of the paragraph: The body of the paragraph follows the introduction. It discusses the controlling idea, uses facts, arguments, analysis, examples, and other information. All these mechanisms are used to develop the body of a paragraph. Each sentence in the body of the paragraph must support the central idea of the paragraph.

Concluding sentence:   The concluding sentence should be a logical ending to what has been previously discussed in the paragraph. This sentence should never contain any unrelated or any new information.

Types of paragraph

There are four types of paragraph.

1)            Descriptive paragraph

2)            Narrative paragraph

3)            Expository paragraph

4)            Persuasive paragraph

Descriptive paragraph: The paragraph which describes a thing, a person or a place is called descriptive paragraph. It contains detailed information on the topic to form an image in the reader’s imagination. Example: Computer, Traffic jam, Bookfair, etc.

Narrative paragraph: A narrative paragraph describes an event or any actual sequence of activity. Example: Your visit to a place of historical interest, A journey by train, etc.

Expository paragraph: An expository paragraph conveys information on thoughtful topics. Most research writing and scientific instructions go in this category. Example: Leisure, Dowry, Tree plantation, etc.

Persuasive paragraph: This paragraph contains logical philosophical topics. It turns the reader to a particular point of view for good consideration. Example: Man is the architect of his own fate, Failure is the pillar of success, etc.

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