What is report?

Report is a well arranged factual information or event that is written for the target of informing a particular audience. It is a short composition describing an event or occurrence.

Report writing includes incidents, events, occasions, ceremonies, festivals etc.

Each report should contain the following points.

  • Headline
  • Introduction: This part of report presents the subject or topic sentence of a report.
  • Description or main body: This part describes the topic sentence with factual information and outlined in a meaningful logical order.
  • Ending or conclusion: This part mainly emphasizes on the purpose of the report.

8 rules for writing effective report:

  • The idea of a topic should be developed directly with active sentence. There is no forbid on the use of direct or indirect narration.
  • Specific numbers (example: $ 10000) should be given instead of general reference (example: a lot of money).
  • Description of report should be in descending order of importance.
  • Rhetoric or overstate should be avoided.
  • Never use the word “I”. To avoid this try to use passive clause.

Don’t write: I saw that…

Write: It was seen that…

  • Events should be factual or real not imaginary.
  • Tone of report should be impersonal and objective.
  • Try to keep everything in short.

Types of report

There are different types of report.

  • Formal or Informal Report
  • Authorized report
  • Routine report
  • Special report
  • Internal report
  • External report
  • Informational report
  • Analytical report
  • News report
  • Business report

A List of some important report writing for the students

  1. A report on fire in Garment Factory.
  2. A report on the life of a garment workers.
  3. A report on the prize-giving ceremony held in your college/school.
  4. A report on visiting a book fair report writing.
  5. A report on deforestation and its harmful effect.
  6. A report writing on drug addiction.
  7. A report on price hike of essential commodities.
  8. A report on a road accident.
  9. A report on slum dwellers.
  10. A report on load shedding.
  11. A report on the causes of students’ failure in English.
  12. A report on the bad effect of Facebook on the young generation.
  13. A report on the celebration of the birth anniversary of our national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam.
  14. A report on traffic jam.