Adolescence paragraph

Question: Write a paragraph on “Adolescence” on the basis of the answer to the following questions in about 200 words.

  • What do you understand by adolescence?
  • When does adolescence starts?
  • What changes do you notice taking place during adolescence?
  • Which factors do you think responsible for the changes?
  • Why do you think adolescence a period of preparation for adulthood?


Adolescence paragraph

A man must pass through several stages in his life to become adult. Among them, adolescence is a very important stage. It occurs after childhood and before adulthood. That means its range is thirteen to eighteen years.  It is the period of human growth and development. Few attitudinal changes take place in this period like physical, emotional and mental changes,  So it is a time of considerable risks during which social context exerts powerful influences. According to psychologists,  this phase in human development is the most vulnerable period. If not handled properly, it can result in many unwanted and undesirable complications. Many adolescents get into the habit of taking alcohol and other drugs. They also get involved in sexual relationship which can have negative or positive effects on their future well-being. Adolescents are not fully capable of understanding complex concepts or the relationship between behaviour and consequences. This inability may make them vulnerable to sexual exploitation and high-risk behaviours.  Hence, adolescents depend on their families, their communities, schools, health services, and their workplaces to learn a wide range of skills that can help them to cope with the pressure they face.  In short, we can say that adolescence is the period that shapes the future of girls and boys’ lives. It is a period of preparation for adulthood.   

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