City life and village life paragraph


  • What is city life?
  • What is village life?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of city life?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of village life?

City life and village life paragraph

Answer 01: (182 words)

A man who lives in a village is called village life and A man who lives in a town is called a city life. Village life is really different from city life. City life is a life of luxury and plenty. It is a busy, competitive and noisy life. In the city buses, trucks, cars and other vehicles always run on the road and the industries make sound. City life offers greater modern facilities of life. In the city, schools and colleges offer better standard education. There are scopes for trade, and commerce, medical treatment, etc in cities. So people get employment opportunities. On the other hand, life is quiet and peaceful in the village. There is no rush and hurry. Village life is free from all types of pollution. The air is fresh and clean there. People get fresh vegetables and fishes in the market. So it is completely wrong to consider that life in a village is not good. Life in both these places is dependent on each other and contributes equally to the progress of the country.                                                                                                                                               

City life and village life paragraph

Answer 02: (204 words)

People living outside the towns and the cities are known as rural life. And people living in towns and cities are known as city life. City life and rural life are quite distinctive. Both have some different advantages and disadvantages. In rural areas, people live in an open atmosphere. They get fresh air and sunlight. There is not much noise in the villages. In villages, people generally get fresh vegetables, fishes and pure milk. But rural people are deprived of many modern facilities. They do not get better medical facilities and better education. On the contrary, the city or town is artificially made. People are here always-busy. They enjoy all the modern facilities. Most developed schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, banks, government offices, roads, transports, and industries—all are in the towns. But people in the city take adulterated food and breathe in a polluted environment. So they are more likely to be affected by different complex diseases. However, both merits and demerits exist in city life and rural life. But it is possible for a man to lead a life full of prosperity, humanity, and peace whether he lives in town or village. In short, we can avoid none because one depends on others.


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