Computer paragraph

Question: Write a paragraph on “Computer” on the basis of the answer to the following questions in about 250 words.

  • What is computer?
  • How does computer work?
  • What are the components of computer?
  • What are the functions of computer?
  • What are the uses of computer?


Computer paragraph

Computer is an electronic device which can sense electrical signal and logic. It can process electrical signal according to logic. A computer cannot run by itself. It works on the basis of data and instruction given by the operator. It receives and processes data according to the given instruction. When the data processing is done the results of the processing are sent to the output devices. The operator can also store the processing results in different memory devices for future use. Computers have four basic components. They are input unit, processing unit, output unit, and storage unit. Firstly, Input units like keyboard, mouse, etc. receive data and instruction from the user and transfer it to the processor. Secondly, the CPU as the processing unit processes data according to the given instructions and sends the result to the output unit. Finally, the output unit like monitor, printer, etc. presents the processing results to the users. Storage units like hard disk, pen drive, etc. can store data. Thus the computer performs all its functions within nanoseconds. Computers are used in so many fields of our daily. Nowadays, we cannot go a single moment without computer. It has reduced our workloads, saved our time and energy, and made our life easy and comfortable. The computer was not invented overnight. We have found these modern computer devices for the long-term research of many scientists. Considering all aspects, Charles Babbage is called the father of computer. Computers have both good and bad sides. Proper use of computers can bring much welfare to our life.

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