Dowry system paragraph


  • What is dowry?
  • What is the main reason of dowry?
  • Who takes dowry?
  • Who are the victims of dowry?
  • How does the dowry system affect our whole society?
  • What is your reaction to this social vice? How can this social curse be eliminated?

Answer : (150 words)

Dowry system paragraph

A sum of money that is brought by a bride to her husband at marriage is called dowry. It has now become a system at marriage which is known as the dowry system. In our society, it is the most hateful system. It is a social curse. During the marriage ceremony, a section of greedy people claims much wealth from the guardians of the brides. Mainly the poor and illiterate girls become victims of dowry.  If the guardians of the brides fail to fulfill the demand of their bridegroom, they torture their wives. As a result, many of them get divorced.  This system has affected our whole society.  I don’t agree to this evil system of society. This evil system cannot be continued. This practice should be uprooted from the society. The outlook of people should also be changed.   By taking strict legal actions we should stop taking dowry at marriage.

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