The rivers of Bangladesh essay

The rivers of Bangladesh essay

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Introduction: Bangladesh is called a land of rivers. About 800 big and small rivers flow across the country covering 24,140 kilometers area. The Padma, the Meghna, the Jamuna, the Karnafuli, the Gomati, the Brahmaputra and the Shitalakshya are the big rivers. The Tista, the Arial Khan, the Dhaleswari, the Bhairab, etc. are small rivers. All of them fall into the Bay of Bengal. All the rivers are a great asset to the country. They have made Bangladesh fertile and beautiful.

Important for agriculture: Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Her agriculture depends on rivers. Most of the land of this country is formed through silt brought by the rivers. So, rivers have made the soil fertile. Rice, tea, jute, vegetables, etc grow here in vast.
Source of fish: In Bangladesh, there are 401 species of fishes. Most of the fishes are from the rivers. Bangladesh is in the front line in producing fishes from rivers. Fish is an important food for Bangladeshi. The country exports many river fishes in foreign country. Rivers also provide livelihood to fishermen and boatmen.

Important for communication: Bangladesh is crisscrossed by rivers. So, rivers are playing a significant role in the communication and transportation of goods. Boats, launches, and steamers move on the rivers. People can go from one place to another on rivers.

Important for trade and commerce: From ancient times, rivers afforded easy communication for internal trade and commerce in Bangladesh. The products of mills and factories are easily carried through rivers from here and there. Consequently, almost all big cities and commercial centers in Bangladesh have been established by the river-ports.

Source of electricity: Some of our rivers are used to produce electricity. Karnafuli Power Station at Kaptai is a hydroelectric power station in Bangladesh which generate about 230 MW of power. It was done by an earthen dam called Kaptai Dam on the Karnaphuli River with a 16-gate spillway.

Demerits: There is confusion for Bangladesh whether the rivers are blessings or curse. Sometimes huge damage to our life and property are caused by the rivers. In the rainy season, the rivers cause a flood in vast areas of the country. As a result, people lose their life, property and suffer greatly.
Threat of dying and pollution: Many rivers of Bangladesh are in the threat of dying or death and in the victim of pollutions. The main causes of it are silt deposition, river erosion, unplanned industrialization, using open latrines, throwing untreated human and industrial wastes, etc.

Conclusion: Rivers are useful to us in many ways. They are the source of our wealth and happiness. We should protect our rivers with great care. Our government should also take the necessary steps to get back the normal flows of the rivers.

The rivers of Bangladesh essay

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