Digital Bangladesh essay

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Introduction: The word ‘digital’ has derived from the word ‘digit’. ‘Digital Bangladesh’ refers to a dream of making Bangladesh by using digital technology. The present Prime Minister ‘Sheikh Hasina’ in the election manifesto of 2008 had declared to build up Digital Bangladesh by 2021. In general, a country goes digital means that all its activities will be powered by computer and internet. In 2019, it is said that Digital Bangladesh is now not a dream but a reality. All around the country, people are taking now 150 types of services from digital centres.

The beginning of Digital Bangladesh: Bangladesh achieved independence in 1971. About 50 years have passed since it is burdened with many problems. Considering all these, the acting government of Bangladesh wanted to overcome all these problems by making digital Bangladesh. Within about 10 years, the government has transformed the country into a Digital Bangladesh by making information technology accessible to all. ICT friendly services are now available to the people of Bangladesh.

Activities for implementing digital Bangladesh:  Making digital Bangladesh is a difficult task. It is a long-term process. First of all an uninterrupted power supply in the whole country is a must. Secondly, computer network infrastructure should be developed all over the country. ICT skilled human resources are needed to implement digital Bangladesh. The government of Bangladesh took all the necessary steps to ensure everything to build up digital Bangladesh.

Benefits of Digital Bangladesh: There are many benefits of digital Bangladesh. In digital Bangladesh, all the sectors of the government work only by clicking the mouse of a computer. It saves time, energy and cost. Bangladesh is now enjoying all the benefits of digital Bangladesh. All the sectors of the government are now improved by digital technology. In education, all the students are getting ict based education, multimedia classes, e-learning and e-education facilities in their institutions. In the health sector, telemedicine and e-health services are available to the patients. People are enjoying now E-commerce facilities for buying and selling. Banking system has started different electronic payment system and services. Now, it is difficult to find a place without computer and internet.  By setting up CCTV camera through the computer-internet system, all the administrative sectors are now running corruption less administration.  Bangladesh has emerged as a ‘Role Model’ of socio-economic development as the benefit of Digital Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is now putting emphasis on advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Robotics, Big Data, IoT and machine learning to meet the future challenges. Bangabandhu Satellite-1 has already been providing different services to the subscribers. Bangabandhu Satellite-2 is another dream to connect with Submarine Cable-3.

Conclusion: To make digital Bangladesh by 2021 was one of the commitments of the present government. The government has already materialized the dream of digital Bangladesh. Hence, the country has become able to make progress in all sectors. But, making digital Bangladesh is a continuous process. The continuation of this vision will reach the country to uphold as one of the developed countries of the world in near future.

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