Book fair paragraph

Hints: What is your idea about a book fair? When and where is it usually held? What purposes does it serve? How is it organized? What steps can be taken to make such a fair successful?

Note: This paragraph contains 180 words.

Fair, in commerce, is an occasional meeting of buyers and sellers for the purposes of trade. So book fair is a fair where different types of books are brought for sale and show. The place of fair is not specific. Generally, the book fair is held in the month of February in almost all cities and towns of our country. Bangla Academy organizes the largest book fair at Dhaka on the occasion of 21st February. Many well-known artists, poets’ intellectuals gather in the book fair and take part in the seminars and cultural program. Book fair carries on the literary tradition and national culture and often creates the public image for the publisher. It helps to create new readers as well as new writers. That means it can play an important role in developing the habit of reading books among people. It also helps to widen our outlook. A committee is formed to organize the fair. The committee makes all the arrangements to make the fair successful. The government should also provide strict security and other facilities to make the fair successful.


Book fair paragraph

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