What is essay?

An essay is a shortly organized writing on a particular subject.  An essay consists of multiple body paragraphs. All these paragraphs in an essay represent the main information of the essay. The numbers of body paragraph increase the length of an essay. Every essay should have a well beginning, a middle and a conclusion.

  • The beginning is the introduction of an essay. A great introduction gives the reader a roadmap for reading your essay and makes the reader want to learn more. It grows the curiosity of the reader to read. It contains the hints of what will be discussed or described in the composition.
  • The middle is the main body of an essay. This part of an essay contains discussions, descriptions, merits, demerits of topic of the essay. All the parts of the middle of an essay are body paragraphs. More body paragraphs make the essay longer. Each body paragraph provides important facts and information of the topic of an essay. Effective body paragraph writing is essential for writing a successful essay.
  • Lastly, the conclusion concludes the discussions of an essay. A conclusion should be the best part of your essay because the readers often remember it best. It also should be a logical ending to what has been previously been discussed.

Types of essay:

Essays are of various types.

Descriptive: Descriptive essays are those which generally describe some place or thing. It can also describe object, person, place, experience, emotion, situation, etc. For example, your country, Newspaper, Flood, Rice, etc.

Narrative: Narrative essays are those which narrate some event, past or present, real or unreal. For example, The life of a person.  A football match etc.

Reflective: Reflective essays are based on reflections and they are generally of abstract nature. For example, Friendship, Female education, Honesty etc.

Argumentative: Argumentative essays are those in which the writer tries to establish his/her own viewpoint by putting his/ her arguments for or against something.

An essay can be short or long depending on information it contains. Generally a short essay contains 200- 250 words. It may also be more or less 350 words. But a long essay can be more or less than 1000 or 2000 words.

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