Importance of reading newspaper essay

Importance of reading newspaper

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Reading newspaper means having a grasp over the current happenings all over the world. It makes us well informed about the surroundings and helps us to lead a conscious life in society or in the country. It adds value to our personality. Developing a habit of reading newspaper daily will really help us in many ways. This habit widens our outlook and enriches our knowledge. No other mass media is comparable to the newspaper because reading newspaper has a wide range of benefits to different classes of people.                 

Important for the students:

A student can be benefitted by reading newspaper in many ways. Newspaper is called the store house of knowledge. It gears up general knowledge of the students and keeps them up-to-date. Students get useful information on the latest discoveries and inventions in the newspaper. They also get useful ideas and topics for researches. Newspaper is the best source to strengthen reading skill for the students. Reading newspaper can also increase vocabulary and language skill of the students. It enables them to read, write and speak in a better way.

Important for the businessman:

Newspaper presents latest business news like prices of commodities, stocks of items in the market, export, or import of goods, etc. A businessman can be aware of the situation of the market by reading newspaper.

Important for the politicians:

For politicians newspaper and news is the prime source of information to make any steps in politics. By reading newspaper a politician can be aware of their own governments’ plans, programs and policies. A politician can also learn the problems of the common people through newspaper. They can debate, generate new issues, and make a headline in the newspaper. In all the democratic countries newspaper acts important role to the government and anti-government people as well as the politicians. Reading newspaper also helps to make active voter in the country.

Important for job seekers:

Job seekers can see employment opportunity in the newspaper. Private companies and Governmental agencies consider newspaper as a prime source of job advertisement. By reading newspaper job seekers can make them updated with job opportunities.

Important for sports news and entertainment:

Newspaper provides sports news and entertainment news especially. People can learn sports schedule, sports analysis and about different famous personalities of sports by reading newspaper.

Important for the common people:

Reading newspaper is a gift for the common people that helps them to be updated instantly. They can get knowledge about current news, business, sports, education, literature, entertainment, food, fashion, etc. The newspaper is like a friend to elderly people. By reading newspaper they can pass their time when they alone at home. Housewives can learn cooking recipes, sweet making tips, etc from the newspaper. Thus all classes of people can be benefited by reading newspaper.


The importance of reading newspaper can never be overstated. It provides us both knowledge and pleasure. So, we all should make a habit of reading newspaper so that we must take our benefit out of it.