Drug addiction

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Introduction: There are many problems in our society. Drug addiction is a much-talked problem of them. Drug addiction means taking too much of particular kinds of drugs for no disease. These drugs are heroin, opium, morphine, cocaine, phensidyl, etc. Taking them too much brings sufferings to the life of an addicted person and also leads him to death. So, we should find a way to get rid of it.

Causes: There are many causes of this problem. The main cause is poverty and illiteracy. Unemployment, political unrest, social unrest, lack of love and affection lead a man to frustration. Due to frustration, people mainly become addicted to drugs.

Bad effect: Drugs bear a harmful effect on the human body as well as society. It kills a man slowly but surely. It damages the brain and all internal function of the body. Our youth power slowly goes to destruction because of it. Also, when the drug addicted cannot afford to buy drugs, they commit many social crimes like snatching, looting, killing, robbery, etc. As a result, our development work is also disturbed because of this problem.

Ways of the solution: The following measures can be prescribed to solve this problem. Firstly, all should be truly educated. Secondly, drug businessman must be punished. Thirdly, people should be aware of the harmful effect of the drug. In the country, there are some laws against drug business. These laws must be enforced immediately. Mass media like newspapers, television, etc can play a vital role in this regard. Last of all, we should take determined action to stop it in our society.

In fine, we can say that drug addiction is a threat to our nation. Time has come to think seriously about it because drug business is increasing day by day. Conscious people should work together with the government in this regard. Otherwise, we all will fall into great danger.

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