The natural beauties of Bangladesh essay

The natural beauties of Bangladesh essay

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Introduction: Bangladesh is called a country of natural beauties in South Asia. It is the darling child of nature. So, God left no stone unturned to offer a special beauty in Bangladesh. The beauty of Bangladesh keeps a great influence in man’s thoughts and feelings. Seeing the beauty of Bangladesh, many poets describe their love and emotion to this country in their poems. The poet Jibananando Das has described the everlasting natural beauty of Bangladesh in his poem.

Because I have seen Bengal’s face I will seek no more;

The world has not anything more beautiful to show me.

Seasons in Bangladesh: Bangladesh is the land of six seasons. Each season has its own characteristics. The country assumes a different appearance in different seasons. The summer is a hot season. But sometimes refreshing breeze that blows from the south gives man relief from the excessive heat. The chapa, the beli, the bakul , the jaba, etc bloom during this season. Different kinds of fruits like mango, jackfruit, etc are seen in the branches of tree.  After summer comes the rainy season. The sky remains covered with clouds. The ponds, canals, rivers, etc are full to the brims. The sound of rainfall produces a ringing sound. The country looks fresh and beautiful in this season.  The Padma, the Meghna, the Brahmaputra, the Shitalakha, the Teesta, Karnaphully, the Jamuna and many other rivers have made Bangladesh a riverine country. The autumn is a pleasant season. It gives people relief from excessive heat and rain. Fields look green with standing crops. At night dew drops fall on the grass and they look like pearls. Spring is the king of all seasons. Nature puts on a lively appearance. New leaves grow on every branch of leafless trees. Gentle breeze begins to blow from the south in summer and refreshes our mind. Many song birds sing sweet song in this season. All kinds of flowers bloom and made a floral design in the country. Nature looks exquisitely beautiful. Winter also is not without its beauty. It comes with fogs and mists. All types of vegetables are available in this season.

Natural spot of Bangladesh: Cox’s Bazer is a place of scenic beauty. It is often said the largest sea beach in the world. The big waves of the sea lash and dash against the beach. When the rays of the rising and setting sun fall on water, the water looks like glittering pearls. Kuakata is also another place of scenic beauty. Rangamati and the hilly regions deserve mentions. Places like Jaflong and Madab Kundo are also full of natural beauty. Sundarban is also a natural attractive spot. The world-famous Royal Bengal Tigers, the spotted deers, and crocodiles are found here. Nilgiri and Chimbuk Hill at Bandarban are another attraction of the hill area. The view of Bandarban city from Chimbuk is awesome.  Many tourists from home and abroad come to these spots to enjoy the natural beauty of this country.

Conclusion: The natural beauty of Bangladesh exercises a great influence on us. The green trees and plants, yellow corns, blue sky and all the other things of nature have made Bangladesh a unique land of the world. They leave a healthy impact on our minds. We remind the creator for his great mercy to us.

The natural beauties of Bangladesh essay

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