Victory day of Bangladesh essay

Victory day of Bangladesh essay

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Introduction: The 16th of December is the victory day of Bangladesh. It is an unforgettable day in the history of Bangladesh. After the nine months of long struggle, the people achieved victory from Pakistan. On this day, the Pakistani armies surrendered at Race Course ground in Dhaka with 93000 armies and were bound to leave their dear motherland. This day has great importance to every Bangladeshi citizen.
History of this day: Bangladesh experienced 190 years under the British colonial rule and 25 years under Pakistani rulers. Pakistan ruled the Bengalese with very cruel attitudes. Deprivation and exploitation of them created serious agitation among the Bengalese. A lot of blood was shed in different movements against the Pakistani armies. At last, about 30 lacks of people were killed in the liberation war in 1971. The long-expected victory came down on the 16th of December 1971. A new Free and sovereign nation emerged in on the world map.

How observed: The victory day is a joyful day in Bangladesh. People observe the day with great honor. The national flag is kept flying on the top of private and public houses, offices and educational institutions. People offer floral wreaths at the victory monuments. Various social and cultural programs are held throughout the country.

Significance of the day: Victory day is not merely the day of the yearly calendar. It is a day of great trill. It is a day of great sensation. It is a day of great victory of justice over injustice, freedom over slavery, truth over falsehood, light over darkness, and humanity over inhumanity. The day reminds people of the great sacrifices of their freedom fighters for the noble cause. It also inspires people to sacrifice themselves for their beloved country. Struggle for independence for long days and hostile politics in the country result in the country’s lack of development and introduce Bangladesh as a poor country to the world. The day is a clear warning for the oppressors that people’s rights can never be neglected for long, and those oppressors will always be defeated.

Conclusion: Bangladesh is pride, dreams, and life-blood of the people. As a nation, victory day is the greatest achievement of them. The people of Bangladesh have got a flag, a country, identity and sovereignty through the victory day. But it is a matter of great sorrow that people have got political freedom only but the politicians cannot grow patriotic sense in their activities. People have not yet been able to achieve economic freedom or many of them are still anti-patriotic feelings. That is why they must take an oath on this day to make the country independent in all respects. It is only then the victory will be achieved in the true sense of the term.

Victory day of Bangladesh essay

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