Birds of Bangladesh

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Introduction :

Bangladesh is a land of natural beauty. She is rich with her different types of flowers, birds, fruits trees, rivers etc. Birds are one of them. Bangladesh is a happy abode of different kinds of birds. Birds have also increased the beauty of this country.

Different types :

There are also different types of birds in our country. They are different in colour , size, and habit. They eat different kinds of food. Some eat fish and flesh, some eat insects and some eat fruits. There are also different classes of bird. They are songbirds, game birds, talking birds, migratory birds, teasing birds etc.

Songbirds :

The bird which can sing is called songbird. There are many songbirds in Bangladesh. They are the doel, the koel the baukatha – kao etc. They appear in the country at the beginning of the spring. Doel is the national bird of Bangladesh.

Talking birds :

Talking birds are birds that can imitate the speech of humans. There are many talking birds in Bangladesh. The parrot, the mayna , the cuckoo etc are talking birds. They can talk with sweet voice like human beings.

The game birds :

 Game birds are wild birds which are hunted in the wild by humans for sports or food. There are many game birds in Bangladesh. They are the dove, the pigeon, the pan-kauri, the heron etc. A lot of game birds are more available in the supermarkets of the country.

The fish-eating bird: The birds that mainly like to eat fish is called fish-eating birds. There are some fish-eating birds that live beside the watery places. They are the kingfisher, the crane, the heron, etc.

Migratory birds:

There are some birds that travel from one place to another at regular times over long distances are called migratory birds. In Bangladesh, many migratory birds come from foreign land during autumn and winter to enjoy the climates in winter. 

Domestic birds :

Any bird that has been bred within the country it resides in and lives in the care of humans is called domestic birds. The pigeon, the hen, the cock and the duck are domestic birds. They provide us with flesh, eggs, etc. Many families make a poultry firm and earn a lot of money.


People rise early in the morning hearing the song of different birds. Birds add largely to the beauty of nature in Bangladesh. They are also a source of food and fertilizer. Birds keep a role in balance of ecological system and economic importance to humans. Many birds are essential in plant reproduction through their services as pollinators or seed dispersers. 

Conclusion :

Birds are our natural wealth. They do many good for us. So we should not kill them at random. We should take proper care of them.


Birds of Bangladesh essay Birds of Bangladesh essay

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