Physical exercise

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Physical exercise refers to some activity in our body to maintain physical fitness. It is the regular movements of the different parts of the body according to rule. It ensures our sound health with a sound mind.

Types of physical exercise:

There are mainly four types of exercise. They are Aerobic exercises, strength exercises, balance exercises, and flexibility exercises. Aerobic exercises work in our cardiovascular system. They are running, swimming, dancing, etc.  Strength exercises work in our muscles. They are weight lifting, push-ups, and crunches. Balance exercises stabilize your body’s position. Flexibility exercises stretch our muscles and improve our flexibility. All the outdoor games are more or less a good form of exercise.

Time and age for exercise:

 Research suggests that morning is the best time for exercise. Somebody likes evening or night for exercise. Exercise before bedtime helpful for fast asleep. Exercise at the same time regularly is the best for effective exercise habit, regardless of whether it’s morning or evening.  Generally, exercise has no age limit. Studies show that exercise benefits for older people.  All forms of exercise are not suitable for people of all ages. Different exercises are needed for different age groups. 

Importance of physical exercise:

Physical exercise is not mandatory but the benefits of physical exercise are numerous. Exercise boosts energy. It improves muscle strength and makes joints flexible. Exercise can help us to control the weight of our body. It improves our brain function. It can help us to remove mental illnesses like depression. It also reduces the risk of disease. Though physical exercise is not mandatory, it is still essential to maintaining a healthy and happy life. There is a Greek proverb, ‘A sound mind is in a sound body’. Physical exercise promotes our health and brings peace in our mind.

Exercise for students:

Exercise is always good for a student’s life. Research shows that just 20 minutes of exercise before studying can improve concentration and help to focus on learning. Also, physical exercise has a positive impact on our brain. It relieves stress and boosts brain power. Students need to study a lot for acquiring a better result. Sound body with a sound mind can help them to study hard. Physical exercise can ensure their sound body and sound mind. Blair said, “Exercise is the chief source of improvement in our faculties.”

Caution about exercise: 

Exercise is essential to good health, but if you don’t use common sense while doing exercise, you’re at risk for injury. Injuries can also occur if you’re not properly set for exercise. Open-air and not in a closed room is suitable for physical exercise. Again, exercise should not be taken in an empty stomach or immediately after taking a meal. We should bear in mind that exercise excessively is injurious to health.


Physical exercise is the key to good health. Our body is like a machine. We can keep it in good condition by taking physical exercise. We should, therefore, build a habit of taking physical exercise regularly.


Physical exercise essay Physical exercise essay

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