Unemployment problem in Bangladesh essay

NB: This essay contains 455 words.

Introduction: The problem, which is created because of the number of people without a paid job is known as the unemployment problem. Unemployed people are unable to earn money to meet the financial need of the family. This problem is one of the greatest problems in Bangladesh. According to Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), 4.18 percent of the country’s workforce is currently unemployed. Many educated and skilled people have to live in utter poverty for the unemployment problem. With the increase in population, this problem is increasing in this country day by day.

Causes: There are many reasons behind this problem. The first and foremost reason is overpopulation. After independence, the population of Bangladesh has been doubled. The country cannot provide employment opportunities for this huge population. As a result, many people fell to this problem. Due to globalization and international trade, the indigenous industries cannot grow well or face high competition or collapse forever. As a result, the workforces in large scales of those industries become unemployed. Again with the advent of new technologies in small industries, job opportunities decreased dramatically. The machine or technology is working as substitutes for thousands of people. These circumstances have created an unemployment problem in the country.
Though Bangladesh is an agricultural country the cultivable land is very limited. So, the country cannot engage a huge population in cultivation. On the other hand, our country is industrially very much backward. Our present system of education is not fit for paid work. Professional and vocational training is almost absent in the education system. All these problems are responsible for the unemployment problem in Bangladesh.

Effects: The effects of unemployment problem are many. Drug addiction, kidnapping, snatching, robbing, terrorism, traffic jam, social crimes, etc. result from the unemployment problem in most of the country including Bangladesh. Unemployment in a country results in lowered purchasing power. This fact causes lowered profits for businesses or discourages the growth of the economy. In short, no prosperity is possible in a country without solving it.

Ways of solution: The following measures can be prescribed to solve the problems. Firstly, all the citizens of the country should be well educated. Vocational and technical education should be introduced largely in education of the students. Secondly, more and more mills and factories should be established in the country. Thirdly, people have to change their outlook on fate. Last of all the government should take massive programs to make an unemployment free Bangladesh.

Conclusion: Unemployment is a serious social and economic issue that results in a tremendous impact on everything. It is a great curse to a nation. It is impossible to expect the development of the country leaving millions of people unemployed. So, we all should come forward with the government to solve this problem.