Journey by boat

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The act of traveling from one place to another place at a distance is known as journey.  It is done either by bus or boat or by train. Bangladesh is a land of river. So, journey by boat is very common and easy here. One can enjoy the air and natural beauty by boat journey. I got such a chance luckily to make a journey by boat on the last autumn vacation. It has become an unforgettable experience in my life.

The beginning of the journey:

It was an autumn vacation. I along with my parent made a journey by boat to pay a visit to my grandmother’s house. The journey was from Chandpur to Dhaka. On the appointed day I with my father and mother went to Chandpur ghat with our necessary luggage and food. We hired a big boat. The boat started at 10 am. There were two oarsmen in the boat. They were strong and experienced. It was a bright sunny day. The atmosphere was calm and cool.


The boat was moving speedily.  The wave of the river was favourable. A gentle breeze was blowing. The small waves were beating against the boat. The wave of the river made a sweet murmuring sound. While the boat passing through the village and fields, we enjoyed the beautiful sights on both the side of the river. The open fields, green crops, the open sky etc. created an eye-dazzling sight. We saw the village people were bathing in the river and carrying water. The fishermen were fishing. The birds were hovering over our hands. Everything was fantastic to enjoy. I remembered quote of Robert Louis.

“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake.” 

After three hours our boat reached near a small bazer. We got down from the boat and took a little refreshment and move here and there. We bought some food from the nearby hotel for our lunch. After thirty minutes, we started our journey again.   At 2 pm. We took our lunch. After lunch, we also took a rest for a while. In the evening the nature came with all of its beauties and glories. The last rays of the setting sun added to the beauty of the green fields. We enjoyed the natural beauty very much. After eight hours journey, our boat reached Sadar Ghat of Dhaka at 6 pm.  It was a crowded place. Some of our relatives with my uncle were waiting for us at the ghat. They received us heartily and took away at their residence by hiring a taxi cab.


The journey gave me much pleasure. It left a permanent impression in my mind. It will remain ever fresh in my memory. The journey was really one of my memorable days in my life.


Journey by boat essay Journey by boat essay

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