Woman empowerment

NB: This essay contains 450 words.

Both man and woman are equal in the eyes of God. Any nation cannot go to the top of glory unless its women work side by side with men. The task of nation building requires the participation of both man and woman. In past it was said that women were inferior to men. But in today’s world on the basis of gender equality many nation have proceeded a long way of development.

The World Bank defines empowerment as the process of increasing the capacities of individuals or groups to make choice in to desired action. According to Wikipedia the term empowerment refers to measures designed to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination in people and in communities. So empowerment as action refers to the process of self-empowerment. It is to do work with power. Here, women empowerment can be defined as- the ability for women to enjoy their right to improve their economic status and well being.

A woman is an architect of society. She establishes the institution of family life. She builds the home, brings up the children and makes them good citizens. Her strength contributes in the making of an ideal family, ideal society and an ideal state. Frequently, it is rightly said who holds the purse holds the nation.

Today the educated women have come out of their inferiority complex. They are now playing important role in many sectors. They are shouldering all kinds’ responsibilities as manager, officers, TV and Radio news – readers, pilots, doctors, engineers, teachers, bankers, garment workers etc. Many women in the world have proved themselves, dynamic, vibrant, sincere, and perfect in many fields. Our ex-prime minister and present prime minister is woman. They have proved themselves successful in building the country.

In many countries of the world women are still more or less regarded as second class citizens. Gender preference is prevalent and right from birth in most African societies. The girl child is faced there with the possibility of rejection. Woman couldn’t contribute to public discussion. They are excluded from decision making process of the state. Many a time, they are forced into marriage or involved in marriage without consent.

In Bangladesh women are one half of the total population. So, true development of the country is not possible keeping half of the total population idle at home. That is why women’s participation in various activities is needed. Their income is also needed to meet the growing cost of living in their family.

Our government should ensure the environment for woman to work in everywhere where they can earn their livelihood and contribute to the nation. Women should also be encouraged sincerely by their family members to be educated and to serve the nation.