Satellite TV channels essay

How satellite TV works

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Introduction: Satellite television channel is a frequency over which television stations relay its programs from the satellite. Satellites send television signals directly to homes that generate programming to smaller stations. It is a new addition to the technology of television network for which people can access to the televisions of different countries of the world. In 1992, satellite television was first launched in Bangladesh. Now, more than one hundred satellite television channels are available in every village and town of Bangladesh by means of satellite and dish antenna through cable operators. As a result, millions of people have become the viewers of satellite channels.

Description: In satellite TV, satellite is used for broadcasting television programs. The satellite relay station transmits and receives the signal in a geostationary orbit 37,000 km above the earth’s equator. With the advancement of communication technology, people are now getting the world at their home. They are gathering knowledge and experiences from home and abroad through Satellite TV channels. It provides a wide range of services and offers a variety of tastes and interests to the people. Now, television programs are not only entertaining: they are highly educative and informative too. Several channels, for example, Discovery, National Geographic, and CNN. BBC telecast highly informative programs.

Uses: Television plays an important role in the business world. Television shows advertisement of different products and services. Satellite TV advertisement is generally considered the most effective mass-market advertising to promote marketing of every industry in the world. So, trade and commerce of the world have depended on satellite TV for creating markets. Thus, it promotes business and commerce.
Satellite television provides people with round the clock news service and keeps them well informed of the latest affairs happening around the globe. It also shows reports and analysis on various issues of the current world, trade and commerce, agriculture and weather, games and sports, etc. Watching games and sports on television has become a good source of recreation. There are some satellite TV channels which broadcast only 24 hours news like Al Jazeera, BBC News, CNN International, Zee News, ATN News, etc, some only show cinemas like STAR Movies, Zee Cinema, Aruj TV, Fox Movies, etc. Some channels show games and sports only like ESPN, Fox Sports, SporTV, etc. some channels show only discoveries and inventions of science and technology. Again some channels are dedicated to traveling and animal world.

Abuses: Every invention of science has its both merits and demerits. Satellite television is not free from harm. Television has a great influence on the young generation. Many young people are addicted to watching television. Even children are also seen to be addicted to cartoon channels. It kills their valuable time of study. Spending a lot of time watching TV also affects productivity and work efficiency. Watching color TV is also harmful to eyesight and brain, and causes idleness and sleeplessness.

Cultural assault by satellite TV: Every culture has its native culture. But this native culture is affected by the aggression of satellite channels. The influence of western culture may badly affect our own literature, songs traditions, culture, etc. Some countries try to impose their thoughts, ideas, and beliefs on the other people of the world through satellite television. They influence the public opinions of other countries for their own benefit. They want to rule and guide from far distance by the remote control of satellite channels. Again, the young generations are seen to be demoralized by the bad scene of satellite programs of western channels. So, it is important for all to be careful about watching satellite channels to accept the good sides of the programs.

Conclusion: Satellite TV is still very popular all over the world as a source of recreation and information. Despite some demerits of satellite TV, we cannot ignore its enormous advantages to us. We must be practical in our attitude. We need to utilize this modern technology for our own purposes which will be beneficial to us.

Satellite TV channels essay

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