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Acute traffic jam at Motijheel

Staff reporter, Dhaka, November 11, 2019:

The problem of the traffic jam is on the rise in Motijheel area of Dhaka city. The suffering of the people is unbearable. Our reporter has said this after visiting the area.

The problem is acute during the business hours. People cannot reach their destination in time. They missed their office hours. It causes great suffering to the ambulance carrying dying patients and the fire brigade vehicles. It kills valuable time unnecessarily. The narrow streets are greatly responsible for the problems. The overtaking tendency, violating traffic rules and illegal vehicles are also responsible for it. The number of traffic police is insufficient.

This problem should be solved as soon as possible. The roads and street should be well planned. Spacious road should be constructed. Traffic rules should be imposed strictly. Exemplary punishment should be given to the rule-breakers.  Overall, concerning authority should come forward to solve the problems.

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