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Birth Anniversary of Nazrul Celebrated

Rana, Dhaka, September 12, 2019:

Nazrul Jayanti / The hundred and seventh birth anniversary of our national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam was held at Romana Park, Dhaka, on the 10th of September. It was arranged by the Nazrul Academy and attended by a huge number of people.
The program was held at 10 am and lasted for a week. The programs included seminars, discussions, etc. A drama was also staged on the life and works of the poet. Other events of the week-long programs were recitation from the poetry of the poet, singing Nazrul geeti, and reciting poems by local poets in the honour of the poet. The speakers discussed Nazrul’s life and his contribution to our literature.
Many scholars, researchers, poets, and writers were present in the programs. They demanded that the teaching of Nazrul should spread among our young generation to remove corruption, injustice, and discrimination from society.

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