Write a report on the prize giving ceremony at your College.

A report on the prize giving ceremony at Rajbari Govt. College .

Shimul, Rajbari, August 20, 2019:

A prize giving ceremony at Rajbari Govt. College was held on the 17th August. The district   commissioner was the chief guest of the function. The principal of the college was in the chair. The college premise was nicely decorated with flags and festoons. The function was started with the singing of our national anthem.

The main function began with the recitation from the holy Quran. Then the principal read out the annual report of the college. After that a teacher announced the names of the winners. The winners took their prizes from the chief guest. The prizes were several medals as well as certificates. The winners were shaking their hand with chief guest. The whole function was echoed with clapping. The audience was highly impressed.

The chief guest thanked everybody to arrange such a function. The function ended in the late afternoon with the short speech of the principal. After the prize giving ceremony the students staged a drama. Some students took part in it. All enjoyed the function very much.

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