Write a report on the life of a garment worker.

Life of a garment worker

Faisal, 3rd November 2019, Dhaka:

A garment worker leads a laborious poor life. He works from dawn to dusk in a factory. Generally he comes to the factory by walking or getting into a crowded bus. He starts his work at 7 am and ends at about 10 p.m.  He has no seat to sit on. Sometimes he works whole day standing in a place. He works in congested room. Nobody pays any sympathy to them. He eats a poor lunch with her colleagues in the factory. He works long hours in the factory. Heavy pressure of work often makes him sick.  Though he works hardly, he cannot change his poor life.

Besides, most of the garment factories do not have sufficient safety measures, adequate space, and emergency exit. As a result in our country fire related incident often takes away the life of many garment workers. Sometimes they have to struggle for increasing facilities in work and getting their unpaid payment.

Some steps have been taken by the government to improve the facilities of the garments worker. But these facilities are not sufficient to improve the condition of the garment worker.

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