Write a report on Sufferings of Slum-dwellers.

Sufferings of Slum-dwellers

Staff reporter, The Daily Star , April 15, 2019.

The slum-dwellers in different slums in Dhaka live a very hard life. Visiting different slums, this reporter found that all the slums face many problems.
It is estimated that about five lakh people live in different slums. Their number is increasing day by day. They are poor and illiterate. They are day labourer, hawker, rickshaw puller and construction worker. A large section of them are garment workers. Some of them are housekeepers. Again some beg on the streets. All of them get a very poor amount of money. Basically, they live hand to mouth and suffer from various diseases. Hasam Ali, a slum-dweller, said that they suffer from many problems. They have no facility of pure drinking water. They don’t have any supply of electricity. Even they have no system of sanitation. They live a very unhealthy life.
Rahima, an old woman, said that women and girls in the slums suffer most. The local mastans tease them, use them and torture them. Sometimes criminals use the slums for taking and selling drugs. They make the slums place for anti-social activities.
The government and political leaders, sometimes make promises to develop the slums. But their promises are never materialized. As a result, the fate of the slum-dwellers remains unchanged.

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