Write a report on cutting down too many trees or deforestation

Cutting down too many trees and its harmful effect

Hasan Mahmud, Dhaka, 05 October 2019:

Cutting down too many trees is a great threat to world’s climate. It disturbs our ecological balance. It leads to soil erosion and deprives us of fruits and timber and causes severe economic loss. Trees are our best friends. They help us in various ways by providing wood and other products, They give us shade, and help to prevent drought and floods.

But it is a matter of great regret that some greedy men are cutting down trees on a large scale and causing deforestation. As a result, the number of trees is decreasing at an alarming rate in our country. If this cruel situation continues, our country will almost immediately turn into a desert. Study says that every country should have 25% forest of its main land but we have only 16% which is already a threat.

So, it is high time we took initiatives to prevent people from cutting down trees. This preventing campaign is for the welfare of the nation and the world. We must not ruin our forests and cut down trees as they are our national asset. If we cut a tree for our necessity then we must plant at least two trees. We all should come forward in this regard. By applying our unanimous effort we can make our country a land of green beauty.  

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