Write a report on visiting to a book fair.

Visit to a book fair

Salim Reza, The Daily Star, February 02,2019:

The country’s biggest book fair was held in the Bangla Academy premises on the occasion of 21st February. The book fair was inaugurated by the Education Minister amazingly. The whole area was a festive look. There were a lot of book stalls which were decorated beautifully. Every book stall was full of various kinds of books. Novels, science fictions, story books and children’s books are in great demand. Books on the Liberation War of Bangladesh were also the attraction of the fair. 

Thousands of book-lovers came in the fair and bought their favorite books. Some popular writers including Zafar Iqbal, Tahmima Anam,Kaiser Haq and so on  were present at some book stalls and their fans were surrounding them.

Their was a food corner in the fair. The tired visitors could easily get relief by taking food and spending some time there.

However, excepting a little mismanagement, the over all arrangement of the book fair was very enjoyable.

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