Write a report on a road accident.

            A terrible road accident at Barura

 Salim , Comilla , September 8. 2019:

 A serious road accident took place in front of Barura Govt. College, yesterday at 11 a.m.

Local sources said, a speedy local bus collided with a taxi in front of  Barura Govt College. The taxi was totally broken. Four people of the taxi including one woman (35) died. Two passengers of the taxi were injured seriously. The scene was so horrible. There were blood and blood on the road. The injured men were sent to Barura Hospital. Of the dead two were identified. They were Amena Begum (30) and Hasan Ali (28) of Barura thana.  The passengers of the bus caught the driver and helper. The angry people tried to beat them. But some policemen came to the spot and arrested the driver and helper.

After the accident, a case was filed to Barura thana. All the dead bodies were sent to Barura Hospital for autopsy.

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