Write a report on load shedding.

Unbearable load-shedding in Brahmanbaria

Staff reporter, Brahmanbaria, 10 September 2019 :

The people of Brahmanbaria have seriously been suffering from very frequent load-shedding for the last few months. Our reporter has said this after visiting the affected area.

Brahmanbaria is an industrial and commercial district. The industrial sectors of the district are affected by load-shedding for several times a day. As a result, the running mills, factories, and industries came to a standstill. The economic condition of the district is collapsing day by day. Hospitals, houses, and shops are facing the problem every day. Domestic life has become painful. The sufferings of the students due to load-shedding are beggar description. People are being deprived of watching their favourite programs on TV. Thus all classes of people suffer a lot for it.

Under these circumstances, people demanded an urgent solution to this problem. They have decided to form a human chain in protest of it.

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