Write a report on the bad effect of facebook on the young generation.

Bad effect of facebook on the young generation.

Mithun, Dhaka, October 29, 2019:

Facebook is one of the greatest social media in recent times, but it is not free from bad effects. It is degrading millions of young people morally. This is because they spend more time on facebook than their studies. They would like to visit only the facebook page to know about their friends and relatives. But they don’t like to interact with them face to face. As a result, our young generation suffers from isolation. Due to social isolation, they suffer from emotional, psychological, physical and mental problems.

Some students spend too much time on facebook and they lost their important study time.  Some studies suggest that social networkers are more likely to engage the young generation in smoking, drinking, fighting, and drug-using.  

So it is a matter of great concern that young generations of the undeveloped countries are gradually being addicted to social media. Our parents should be conscious of the use of social media by their teenage boys and girls.

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