Write a report on students’ failure in English.

Students’ failure in English

Shamol , The Independent , October 20, 2019:

English is an international language. It is a highly rich and dynamic language of the globe. Definitely, it is difficult to learn a foreign language. And this difficulty becomes higher for want of learning environment.

In Bangladesh, English is learned with the importance of a second language. Here it is learned as a compulsory subject from class 1 to 12. But unfortunately, it is found that a large number of students fail in the examination only in English every year. Students are not only responsible for this failure in English. Our overall situations are greatly responsible for this. Firstly, we have no fixed English learning method. On top of that, our syllabus is changing frequently. Secondly, we have also a shortage of trained teachers. They have no proper experience in communicative English. They do not know how to create a student’s attention in English.

In this globalized world, English occupies the highest place. So we must learn it well. We have to create a suitable environment for our students to do well in the exam. We must remove all the obstacles. Only then it is hoped our students will surely pass in English in the exam.

Write a report on students’ failure in English. Write a report on students’ failure in English.

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