Write a report on drug addiction.

Drug addiction at Rup pur upazilla

Salim, Rup pur, the 15th October 2019:

Many youths of Rup pur upazilla are getting addicted to life taking drugs. It is obviously seen that some people are included in selling drugs under the nose of the police. Hence, many young people are becoming addicted to drugs and causing many social crimes at Rup pur.

Rup pur is a safe place for the drug addicts and the sellers. It is done because of the silent position of the police administration and social leaders. When the drug-addicted cannot afford to buy drugs they are committing many social crimes in society like snatching, looting, killing, robbery, etc. As a result, Ruppur upazilla has recently become an un-peaceful area. Unemployment, political unrest, social unrest, family feud, lack of love and affection, etc are also leading the youth to drug addiction.

The local conscious people demand rapid action against the drug sealers to make the area addiction free. Ruppur upazilla chairman has, however, given the hope to stop drug selling at Rup pur immediately.

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