Population problem of Bangladesh essay

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Introduction:  Population is an important asset of a country. But overpopulation is a curse.  This is because due to overpopulation the country cannot afford to give food and others need of life. This problem is known as population problem. And now it is the number one problem in our country. According to the theory of Malthus, a great barrier to development, happiness, and prosperity is population.

The population of Bangladesh:  In respect of population, Bangladesh is the eighth largest country in the world. Though it is a small country, it has a population of over 160 million. About 1700 people live per square mile.  The population of the country is now out of control.

Causes: There are many reasons behind this problem.  The first and foremost cause is ignorance. The illiterate do not have knowledge of family planning.  Many blindly God-fearing people think that family planning is a great sin. Lack of female education is another cause. Religious and social superstition, early marriage, polygamy, unemployment, an expectation of son, etc. are also the other cause of population problem.

Effects:    There are many effects of overpopulation. Most of the problems of the country arise from this problem.  It creates food problem, housing problem, unemployment problem, medical problem, malnutrition, drug addiction, kidnapping etc. Many social crimes also result from overpopulation.

Ways of solution: Though the population of Bangladesh has now come to the position of explosion, it can be solved in many ways. Firstly, all should be educated. Secondly, the value of family planning should be introduced among all. The Government should make special law to control the population.

Conclusion: No development of a country is possible unless the population problem is solved. Therefore, all the people and the Government should stretch hands to tackle this great crisis.

Population problem of Bangladesh essay

Population problem of Bangladesh essay

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