Female education essay

Female education

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Introduction: Educating female citizens from their tender age is referred to as female education. Women constitute half of the total population of the country. It is not possible to make real progress of the country keeping this half of its total population in dark. So, female education is necessary for every country in the world / Bangladesh.

Description:  Total literacy rate in Bangladesh is about 65% but the female literacy rate is only 30%. A large number of female citizen remain illiterate. They are going towards the degradation of society day by day. So, we should grow a perception that woman should be educated for the sake of a better future generation.

Reasons for the education of woman:  An educated mother can produce an educated citizen. Once Nepolian said, “Give me an educated mother, I will give you an educated nation.”So, an educated mother is highly necessary for the development of the country. Islam has also encouraged education to woman folk.

Development of female education: Traditional systems of female education should be changed. Cooking, cleaning, child rearing, nursing, home economics, etc. should be introduced in the syllabus of girl school. Technical education should be made compulsory. Stipends to girl student should be increased. All necessary steps should be taken to encourage universal female education for the better progress of the society as well as the country.

Barrier on the way of female education: Early marriage is a great danger for implementing female education. Also, there are some people who oppose female education. They want to present many religious arguments against female education. All these arguments can never bring any fruitful benefits for us.

Conclusion: In order to be a prosperous country we have to educate our woman. Because by educating them we will create not only a good mother but also best human resources.


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Everybody has equal rights in education. God has created both man and woman equally and in the eye of God, there is no distinction between man and woman. He has bestowed them with equal facilities. So, there should be no difference of opinion regarding imparting education to the woman.

A good mother can produce good citizens. To have good citizens in society, female education is a must. Female education is a much-talked topic in our country. Islam has encouraged women education and training.  Education has also been made compulsory for both man and woman by the prophet of Islam. Once Napoleon said, “Give me an educated mother and I shall promise you the birth of a civilized, educated nation.” An educated mother obviously means a  good mother. So the importance of female education is needless to say.

It is not possible to make real progress of a country keeping half of its total population in the dark. Without the uplift of women, the progress of a nation is not at all possible. Again without education woman cannot be elevated. So all out education should be imparted to the woman folk so that they may come forward and work hand in hand with man in all development programs.

A mother exercises an unreliable influence in the formation of children’s character and in shaping their future destiny. Lives of many great men show that their greatness was due to their mother’s influence. The things that the children learn at home create a firm root in them.  And it is certainly true that this learning they get mostly from their mother as they are under her direct supervision and constant care. If a mother doesn’t succeed to bring up her children properly, the mother is held responsible for this failure, not the child. So, we can say that she is a mother who plays an important role in forming the character and deciding the future of her children. From this point of view, an educated mother is an asset and it is more necessary to educate woman folk. 

The role of women in making a home an abode of peace and happiness is great. Not only as mothers but also as wives woman exerts tremendous for good or for evil.  An educated wife can manage household affairs more efficiently than an uneducated wife. A high-quality housewife is a plus point to the entire family. She can maintain the discipline of the house. Besides maintaining a good family life an educated wife can take an active part and help her husband in the greater field of action. Thus a wife can lighten the burden of her overworking husband. But she will fail to do this without proper education.

An educated husband can never have a free understanding with an ignorant wife. Life would be dull and unhappy for them. Frequently quarrels may result from such a lack of understanding. So from this point of view, female education is essential also.

In conclusion, we can say all of us should take all the necessary steps to encourage universal female education. It is happy news for us that our government has recently declared free and compulsory education for rural girls up to S.S.C level. A country can not prosper if its woman kept ignorant.  Only good wives and good mothers can make our nation great.


Female education essay Female education essay

Female education essay

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