A dialogue between two friends about early rising.

Shipuk: Hi Rupak!  How are you?

Rupak:  I am fine.  What about you?

Shipuk:  I am also fine.  Why are you standing here with a bag in so early in the morning?

Rupak: I have to go to Chittagong. So I am waiting here for my bus. But, why are you here so early?

Shipuk: I always get up early in the morning and walk a long way with my father.

Rupak: But why?

Shipuk: Because I know that early rising is good for health.

Rupak: What is the benefit of early rising?

Shipuk: There is much benefit to it.

Rupak: Can you explain it?

Shipuk: Why not? An early riser gets enough time to work. He can say his morning prayer. He can walk in the morning to get fresh air and take some physical exercise.

Rupak: But can he enjoy sleeping in the morning with a sweet dream?

Shipuk: Oh! My friend, I think you should know that early rising is more important than the morning bed.

Rupak: Please tell me more about it.

Shipuk: Ok. There is a proverb that early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Rupak: Wow! How fine the verse is! Thanks for opening my eyes.

Shipuk: Thank you.

Rupak: Oh! Here is my bus. I need to go.

Shipuk : You get on the bus.

Rupak: Ok.  Bye.