A dialogue between two friends on physical exercise.

Srabonti: Hello Mina! How are you?

Mina: I am not fine. What about you?

Srabonti: I am fine. But what happened to you?

Mina: Nothing serious. But I feel out of sorts.

Srabonti: It seems to me you are very careless about your health. Maybe, you don’t take physical exercise regularly.

Mina: Yes, you are absolutely right. I am not habituated to take physical exercise.

Srabonti: But you should know that physical exercise is very important to keep our body healthy and fit. It makes the joint of the body flexible and wards disease off.

Mina: You are absolutely right. Now tell me what should I do?

Srabonti: You should take physical exercise regularly. It will help you through the movement of your limbs and organs of your body in a systematic and regulated way.

Mina: I see. But how does this movement help the body? Please tell me in detail.

Srabonti: This movement of the body stimulates the blood circulation and tones up the digestive system.

Mina: Thank you very much for inspiring me to do physical exercise.

Srabonti: Ok. Come to my house tomorrow early in the morning and I shall show you some free hands exercise.

Mina: Ok. That would be fine.

Srabonti: Bye.

Mina: Goodbye.