Climate change paragraph

Climate is commonly defined as the “long-term average weather patterns” in a given place. Climate change refers to a change in the average weather conditions of an area. Nowadays it is the biggest problem of the human being. Climate change can be caused in two ways ¬– one is related to natural processes and the other is related to human activity. Natural factors such as changes in volcanic activity, changes in solar output, and changes in the Earth’s orbit around the Sun are the causes of climate change. Human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, environmental pollution, deforestation etc. are responsible for climate change. Climate change has a far-reaching effect on the globe. It has already begun to transform life on Earth. Climate change is seen as a national security threat in many countries. Climatologists predict that Bangladesh is regarded as a nation most vulnerable to the impacts of Climate Change in the coming decades. This country is already experiencing the adverse impacts of global warming and climate change. Untimely heavy rainfalls, frequent floods, river erosion, crop damage due to drought, prolonged cold spells, etc are seen at present. By the year 2050 sea levels here are expected to rise by up to 40 centimeters. As a result, the southern part of the country may one day go under water. People should be aware enough to reduce the impact of climate change. It is the responsibility of the government to take steps to reduce the impact of climate change. Tree plantation, reducing environmental pollution can minimize the effect of climate change.

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