Write a letter to your friend about your aim in life.

Date: August 11, 2019

380, Kandirpar,


Dear Mitu,

Take my love. Hoping that you are enjoying the best of health and prosperity. In your sending note, you wanted to know regarding my aim in life.

Yes, I have started to think about my future goal. You know it is very difficult to choose an aim for future life. I have decided to be a scientist in our country. When I study my science book I find no Bangladeshi scientist keep contribution to the invention. It gives me pain a lot. Our education comes from foreign country and we just study their invention. We are doing nothing more than a follower of others.

So, after completing my HSC and SSC with the bright result, I have decided to study on science. After completing Post Graduate Degree I shall involve me on deep research. I shall obtain Ph.D. I have a dream to invent something for the welfare of my country. I shall use my wisdom and labour for a long time to invent something that may bring happiness to my countryman.

My parents help me regularly to implement my aim truly in my life. I know it is very high challenging to be a scientist for the country. I study hard to get a good result in all the exams. I am optimistic to reach my goal.

                Let me know what is your aim in life? What have you decided to do in future? If you also prefer to take up this profession maybe we can work together in the future.

 With lots of love,


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