A moonlit night paragraph

A moonlit night paragraph
A moonlit night-OOA

NB: This “A Moonlit night’ paragraph is for the students of class 8 to 12. There are two options. Pick the one to facilitate you.


  1. What is moonlit night?

2. How does it give us light?

3. How does it influence the human mind?

4. What scenery does it assume in the river and paddy field?

5. How can we evaluate this night?


A moonlit night paragraph

The night in which the moon shines is called moonlit night. It is an incomparable gift of nature. It is different from all other nights. In full moon night, we can enjoy the nature much. In this night, the earth stays between the Sun and the Moon. Basically the moon has no light of its own. It is illuminated by sunlight and reflects the beam to the earth. As a result the nature of the earth is decorated wonderfully. The moonlight is rich for its softness and elegance with silvery-white radiance. It moves the human mind greatly. It is really charming and enjoyable. People from all walks of life love the moonlit night. The day labourers and farmers come out from their home in the moonlit night. They spread mats in the yard and start gossiping with one another. People of the middle class also come out to enjoy the moonlit night. To the children, the moon is known as their favourite ‘chand mama’. They smile and enjoy thinking about their relationship with the moon. When the beam of the moon falls on the water of the river, channels, and ponds, it causes’ light flickers. Moonlight in the paddy field assumes wonderful scenery. The beauty of moonlit night is really joy forever.     


1.What is moonlit night?

2. What are the features of moonlight?

3. How does it influence people?

4. What is the effect of moonlight in the water?

5. What are the good and bad of moonlight night?

Answer 02:

A moonlit night paragraph


Moonlit night means the night that is lightened by the reflection from the moon. It is happened due to the activity of the solar system that nature gives as a gift to us. The moon has no light of its own. It illuminates the earth at night by reflecting the light of the sun. This light is less harsh than the sun. It creates a wonderful view during the full moon night that moves the mind of the common people, poets, and writers. All the literature in the world has the descriptions of the amazing scenes of the moonlit night. The moonlit night is very enjoyable to the children. They come out of home at moonlit night and wander here and there to enjoy the scene. The little kids call ‘chand mama’ stretching their hands to the moon. Many people spend their leisure time gossiping on moonlit nights. The moon’s rays create a flickering of light in the water of the rivers and ponds. It creates a silver sheet in the paddy field. The trees look amazing in the moonlight. Everything is like a charming environment. Moonlight has some benefit to health. People feel happier looking at the moon or working under it. In folklore, moonlight sometimes has a harmful influence. Ignoring all these slanders, it can be said that the moonlit night is enjoyable to all classes of people.


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