Write an email to your friend about how you want to celebrate Bangla New Year.

Hi Shelly,

Hope you are fine with all in your city. You wanted to know how I will celebrate Bangla New Year. Pahela Baishakh is a day to celebrate Bangla New Year. It is a symbol of our Bangla culture. Generally, it is celebrated with traditional festivities all over the country. The day is a public holiday. All the schools and colleges also celebrate this day with special functions.

Pahela Baishakh is celebrated in a grandeur manner at our school premises. Early in the morning, I shall go to my school wearing our traditional dress sari to welcome the Bangla New Year.  On this day, our school arranges different functions like concert, procession and eating panta-bhat with Illish bajii. I will be able to attend all the functions. We, the students and the teachers will sing song in chorus welcoming the new year.  The celebrations will start with Rabindranath Tagore’s song ‘Esho He Baishakh’. Our school will arrange a colourful procession with many students. I shall join the procession and will be busy there for a long time. After that, I will be on the school campus and would like to enjoy the other programs with my friends. At last, we shall eat panta- Illish with great pleasure. In the evening, I shall go to Baishakhi Mela with my father and buy many dolls and fancy things from there. I hope to enjoy the day happily. 

  Will you tell me about any cultural program that you have enjoyed recently? I am looking forward to receiving from you.

Best regards,