Question tag  for Imperative sentence

Let us first know about imperative sentence. Then we will discuss ‘ question tag for imperative sentences ‘.

An imperative sentence is a sentence that expresses an order, a request, or an advice.

Its structure is Verb + Extension.

Do it at once. (Order)

Always speak the truth. (Advice)

Please, show me the way to the school. (Request)

March forward. (Command)

 Generally the subject of the imperative sentence is second person “You” that remains implied, not stated .


          Do the work.          (You) do the work.

          Take care of your health. (You) take care of your health.

          Speak the truth.  (You) speak the truth.

          Show me the way to go to college.  (You) show me the way to go to college.

In case of First person and Third person imperative sentence starts with ‘Let’


Let me go now.

Let them finish the work.

Let him do it.

Let me read now.

Imperative question tag :

Rule1: After a request, advice, invitation, suggestion, wish, order etc. with an imperative sentence, we can use ‘will you?’ for positive meaning and ‘won’t you?for negative meaning to form a tag question.

Give the book, will you?

Do it now, will you?

Please wait a bit, won’t you?

Give me an example, won’t you?

Drink fresh water, won’t you?

Open the door, won’t you?

Rule 2 : If the imperative sentence starts with ‘Don’t’ we can use ‘will you?’ to form tag question.

Don’t make a noise, will you?

Don’t run in the sun, will you?

Open the door, will you?

Rule 3: If a statement starts with let’s (Let’s = Let us) in the Imperative sentence then we can use ‘Shall we?’ in tag question?

Let’s go out for a walk, shall we?

Let’s help the flood affected people, shall we?

Let’s talk with the Principal about this issue, shall we?

Let’s sit in the garden, shall we?

Rule 4: After let him / them / me in the imperative sentence, we use ‘will you?’  in the tag question –        

Let him do it, will you?

Let me do it, will you?

Let the boy tell it, will you?

Question tag for Imperative sentences Question tag for Imperative sentences

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