Pronoun (Pro + noun ) : Generally, a pronoun is defined as a word, which is used in place of a noun.      

Types of Pronoun

  1. Personal pronoun  ——— I , you, we , he, she, they etc
  2. Interrogative pronoun —— who, which, what, whom etc
  3. Distributive pronoun ——- each either , neither etc
  4. Demonstrative pronoun —-  this , that etc.
  5. Relative pronoun ——— who , what which, that etc.
  6. Reflexive pronoun ——– myself , yourself etc
  7. Reciprocal pronoun ——-each other , one another etc.
  8. Indefinite pronoun ——– one ,any some ,many etc.

Personal Pronoun :

A personal pronoun is used in place of a noun that is a person or a thing.

Personal pronouns for people = I, you, he, she, we, they
me, you, him, her, us, them
Personal pronouns for things = it, they, them


Why do we use a personal pronoun?

Personal pronouns are useful because you don’t have to repeat words.
They can be used to talk about something or someone that you have already talked about.
e.g. Elizabeth put the coat on because Elizabeth was cold.
This would be better written as:  Elizabeth put the coat on because she was cold.

The manager phoned me back. He was extremely sorry.

1st person  = (I, we ,me , us, my , our )
2nd person  = (you, your ,yours),
3rd person   = (he, she, him, her, they, them)

Personal pronoun changes its form with the change of number, person and case.

Change of personal pronoun