Narration change rules

Narration change rules

Narration rules for changing person :

A) Rull No – 1:

The first person of the reported speech always changes according to the Number (Singular / Plural), Gender (Masculine / Feminine), and Person (1st / 2nd / 3rd) of the Subject of the Reporting verb.

Example :

Direct : She says to Daniel, “I am well”.

Indirect: She says to Daniel that she is well.

Direct: Sophia said, “I learn English online.”

Indirect: Sophia said that she learnt English online.

Direct: Vicky says, “I feel fed up.”

Indirect: Vicky says that she feels fed up.

B) Rull No-2:

The second person (you) of the reported speech always changes according to the number/ Gender / Person of the object of the reporting verb.


Direct: She says to Samual, “You are well

Indirect: She says to Samual that he is well.

Direct: Laura says to Mike, “ I am well and you are unwell”

Indirect: Laura says to Mike that she is well and he(Mike) is unwell”

C) Rull No- 3:

There is no change in the third person of the reported speech.

Example :

Direct: I said to you, “He has done his duty.”

Indirect: I told you that he had done his duty.

Direct: Ratul  said, “They haven’t completed the work”

Indirect: Ratul said that they hadn’t completed the work.

Variation of Pronoun by number ,person and case

Narration change rules

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